Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, September 5, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development.  Dr. Dan is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Dr. Susan is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.  

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1Can you help me understand how a strengths based 504 plan can be written?
2He has a high visual spatial score, what does that mean? What if he’s not interested in what he is theoretically be strong at?
3Regarding the 504, and visual spatial thinker, 5th grader, has big difficulty with writing, and is dyslexia. He can't get his thoughts in to writing. How do we help him?
4He has auditory processing issues, and he has so much stress and anxiety that he is missing basic information. What can we do to help him during class time?
57 ½ year old, in special ed system, and he’s really bossy. It hard to help him with this because it works for him. It just stopped working at home with little brother.
6I have a 16 yr old daughter who was gifted ADHD-combined type and gifted at age 7, watching the social gap widen. Her status was updated to being on the spectrum, so how do we convert the 504 to an IEP?
712 year old dealing with the trauma from school, and unschooling has helped with bringing the light back. Want help to know is this stress, or puberty in these behaviors?
8Still having issues with diagnosis, and still not clear. Where do i go now to figure out how to peel back the layers?
9Just started school, and he says he's exhausted and depressed, and he doesn't get to see any of his friends. How do I talk him through this?
10Just before my daughter's 8th birthday, she started having trouble falling asleep at night--sometimes taking hours to fall asleep. We tried long hikes + swimming (sometimes in the same day), anything to get her tired. Turns out the issue was not being able to shut off her mind... What are your thoughts on meditation--like Headspace?
11How to best educate local school districts on how to work with and support differently-wired/2e kids?
12Is homeschooling better than IEP approach? How can homeschooling help disentangle all the psycho-emotional issues a 2e kid may have due to developmental delay, sensory issues, motor issues?
13How can a Montessori school type use Bridges philosophy for 2e kids? What could be 3 things that could be implemented or I should advocate more for my 13 yr old son in 8th grade?
14What should you do for a kid with strong abilities, and no interest in any of them?


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