Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, June 13, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development.  Dr. Dan is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Dr. Susan is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.  

Click the triangles below to automagically find each specific question in the recording:

1Our anxious son is using anger as a protection device to not feel his anxiety - using Dr. Dan’s ladder - How do we help him face these emotions, such as embarrassed, ashamed, afraid, etc that are showing up as anger?
2Sibling relationships: 8 year old differently wired older sister and 5 year old neurotypical sister. The younger one is bearing the brunt of the behaviors, verbally & physically beaten up; how can we protect the little one, maintain limits, and still support the older one?
3Significant discrepancy cognitive intellectual strengths and weaknesses not understood. Extreme strengths, general intellect 98%,fluid reasoning and visual spatial at 99% while the gap in rapid naming speed - 2% . He has difficulty sharing what he knows, and large experience of things not working so he shuts down and just retreats to video games.
4Daughter 7 - looks like low scores due to perfectionism and anxiety, now thinking stealth dyslexia, and auditory processing speed. She says “at school, I pretend I can read when I can’t”, but she can read well at home but it takes her a long time. I’m confused as to what it might be.
5 We want a really good educational experience for our child but it doesn't seem like there is a good fit to empower the strengths and shore up the challenges, what do we do when there isn’t a school like Bridges near by?
6How to best support our 2e kids with the difficulty they have with generating output (be it because of dysgraphia, perfectionism, etc.).
7How do we make sure that in our quest to help our 2 e kids, we don’t end up trying to treat every low number on their psych evaluation? Does a relatively low working memory really need specific treatment or is it something that the individual will learn to compensate for?
8I am looking for college consultation services for 2E high schooler. The service which can help identified the colleges or try to find the good fit for my 2E student. Or/and help to guide and recommend classes, programs and camps for my 2E student during the high school years.
9If a child has developmental trauma and is 2e, with sensory processing issues, what are the most effective ways to calm her nervous system down while at school?
10Please provide your perspective on how anxiety - and social anxiety in particular - can manifest itself in uncommon ways. My son shows a lot of distress in social situations but instead of being withdrawn and quiet, he is unfriendly, rude (says mean things, growls) and can be aggressive, as if he's trying to get others to stay away.
11Let’s say someone gets a neuro psych assessment done (including the WISC-V, for example) & the scores come back with variable results What can one do if the clinician or school decides giftedness is based on IQ scores only & you need the gifted label to get services?
12What would an Individualized Talent Plan look like?


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