Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, May 9, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development.  Dr. Dan is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Dr. Susan is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.  

Click the triangles below to automagically find each specific question in the recording:

1Neuropsych Evaluation came back normal range due to refusal, How do we best use this info in choosing school situation, especially with a twin?
2What are some best resources for helping a teacher to understand our 2e children?
3Gender Fluidity: The lines are a little less clear, how do we help them when they know they are different?
4My son often doesn’t like to do hard work in school. He has accommodations, any advice to develop good study habits and realize his potential?
5Attention Challenge, really distracted by his own thoughts - they recommend medication, advice thoughts and downsides are? Neurotherapies: Are they effective solutions?
6Legitamacy and Efficacies of Visual Processing Therapies - Primitive Reflex, Safe and Sound, Interactive Metronome?
7Accelerating 2e kids by a year in school, relating to social emotional issues, is there a common belief on this?
8Has been going down hill in school for the last few years, recently dyslexia diagnosis, has an output problem, low working memory. Is thee a way to build working memory, such as Cogex/ Cogmed?
9Have you noticed a connection between 2e kids spiralling out during growth spurts and developmental leaps? Do you have any thoughts on how to manage this?
10How do we help with child who expects confrontation all of the time, and reduce or change that expectation?
11Is there a resource that can help guide families towards best fit learning institutions for our 2e kids?
12Can they have especially deep fears, and resistance? How do we deal with strong reactions?
13How do you help your highly intelligent child who too young for collaborative problem solving? Is there really just behavior modification approaches for children 2-5 (chronologically or developmentally)?

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