Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, February 13, 2020 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development. Dr. Dan Peters is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Dr. Susan Baum is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.

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1Will it hurt my B&Q ten year old 5th grader if I decide to slow down his schooling by 1 year? He is the youngest in his grade (late summer birthday). He struggles so much socially (has autism). He also still needs a one on one to get him to complete classwork. He also has had and still sometimes has PANDAS flare ups, during which time he becomes more oppositional/defiant, depressed and tantrumy. I think I will send him on through to 6th grade in the public middle school because IEP states he should still have an aide for that year. But the 7th graders become so rough! I may consider pulling him out of public at that point. In math and science class he is now willing to show his strong skills. In English he struggles mightily with writing and has extremely strong reading skills but is an unwilling reader.
2We follow my son's (6yo) passions at home and through customized curriculums at school. However, we've found that when he goes deep into an interest, his entire life becomes that interest; from his first thought in the morning to imaginary play schemes during the day, books, and snuggle discussions before bed. His entire world is the interest for a few weeks until he learns all he seeks. How do we balance his passion without impacting social engagement given unique interests?
3What causes the fluctuation between extreme competence and extreme incompetence? Even if there is ample time given to recuperate from an extreme competence event.
4My bright and truly wonderful 14 yr old, 2e son, has a very slow processing speed, ADD, anxiety, as well as a social communication disorder (looks a lot like Asperger when stressed or anxious). He seems unable to initiate any school work except creative writing, unless I’m sitting with him, gently prompting. Do you have any tips on helping him become more independent with his work? Should I even worry about it?
5My newly diagnosed 2E/15 year old daughter is absolutely MORTIFIED about the SST meeting in March. She does not want to come, she's horrified about the entire process, she "doesn't want help" and "why are we doing all of this". She's begging me not to do it….I asked the counselor if she cannot be there, and he said NO, it's for her/about her, she needs to be there. Do I cancel? The reality is she probably won't get any services. I have emailed all of her teachers about her Anxiety diagnosis.
6How do you know when it's time to look for a new learning environment for your child?Our 4th grade son's teacher is trying to force him to attend a virtual charter school instead of the outdoor-based charter school which he currently attends. Her justification is that his behavior (grumbling to himself loudly when frustrated and speaking out of turn often) provides distractions to the class throughout the day. Our son craves socialization and I am worried about online learning for him.
7I have a 2e nine-yr-old. My 7-yr-old also is very smart, but 2-3 of her grades dropped 10% each between 1st Q & 2nd Q. (Nothing below a B yet, but that may change by her next report card.) She's an artistic, empathetic, day dreamer, who struggles with many EFs. She's also incredibly in tune with her feelings & connects dots no one has explained to her, like how sadness can cause anger. If I get her tested, what should I ask to ensure the results will be accurate (& not misdiagnosed)?
8To what extent is the concept of 2E understood within the community of neuropsychologists? Our 6-yr old was recently tested & we were literally shown a bell curve where all his scores fell on either extreme. When we asked about him being 2E, our neuropsych said he wasn't. It seemed she thought 2e was tied to academic output. We are wondering whether we should trust the interpretation of test results, and if others have had similar experiences. How does one qualify for a 2E diagnosis?
9My son doesn't have a deep area of interest. He may go months without displaying interest in anything in particular and just watch tv in his free time, and then be wildly interested in something for one day, and then lose interest in that and again not be interested in anything. How can I try to encourage his strengths when they change so rapidly and surface so rarely?
10We have been working to master math facts for mad minute testing. My 2e ADHD 9 year old is really struggling to attend and finish these tests. Do you have suggestions on helping students with math fact fluency – specifically, helping them inject interest and focus under pressure? Additionally, any tips for understanding if dyscalculia might be part of the equation or if the challenges are simply related to ADHD.
11How can I help my child to initiate and to take more risks with activities and relationships? To try new things and to reach out to people outside the home.
12Unschooling my 2e 7 year old son. How do I make sure we are completing the requirements and hours for homeschooling while encouraging interest-led, strength based learning? (Former public school teacher turned homeschool (unschool) teacher). Trying to find my footing without having a “plan” in place to cover required subjects and hours. 100% support interest led learning but struggling to pair it with my organized, detail oriented personality.
13I've been trying to get my school to make sure that they are not spending all their time on challenge areas, but they just don't seem to be hearing me. They say they are considering strengths, but then spend all their time just talking to me about issues. I don't know how to get through to them. My (ADHD/Anxiety) son does NOT have a deep area of interest, and he is getting all As. I think he doesn't listen or follow rules in class and can be disruptive and they no longer have patience for him.
14In gifted individuals with a consistent cognitive profile (verbal comp, perceptual reasoning, working memory, processing speed all in the very superior range), can high creativity contribute to a child exhibiting characteristics of a 2e learner (e.g., weak executive function skills, poor performance on timed tests)? Particularly in a traditional classroom environment, the mismatch for highly creative students seems to look like 2e, even for kids with no processing speed issues. Thoughts?
15Seems like many of us struggle to get IEPs for our kids. How do we best show 'educational impact'? How can we show need for executive functioning training if math/reading/writing are at or above grade level — or even one of the best in the grade?
16My question is regarding my 13 year old daughter in 8th grade. She started struggling in 6th grade, requested an IEP. IEP was denied. She continued to struggle so we privately did a neuropsychologist eval, which revealed high functioning autism, dysgraphia, add-inattentive and sensory processing disorder. She was homeschooled the 2nd half of her 7th grade year. She started at a new school in 8th grade and got an IEP November 2019. Still struggling D’s & F’s in school and it’s coming time to make a decision for high school. I’m at a loss and don’t know how to make a good decision for where to send her to high school so she might actually have some success in school. Help!
17We've heard you say to support & encourage a 2E child's strengths & interests,rather than focusing on challenges.For my 16 yo son, this is his love of computers & technology.He started his own business last Fall,helping others with computers,networking, etc.He now has several clients & getting referrals,which is great,but his success is turning into a disincentive towards school.He'd rather spend his time on this than schoolwork, & school seems even more irrelevant.How do we maintain balance?
My 15 years old will sit down and do this HW but he spends most of the time NOT doing HW but on YouTube or playing games on the computer. So if he has 4 hours tonight, he will spend the 4 hrs sitting on the same spot and do his 30 mins work. Any advice to help him to finish work first and he can play or watch what he wants? We have tried to ask him to put down a plan for the night or give himself a timer...but he wouldn’t follow through any of it.
19My 4th grader is at a small 2e school. He and another student are getting in frequent arguments and are disrupting the class. My son is very aware of what he calls his “rage” (over perceived unfairness often) and works successfully to control it in many other situations, but this time he says it isn't working. He has tried his usual go-tos such as taking deep breaths and taking a walk. He and the other student have talked things out several times but the peace doesn’t seem to stick. Today he’s trying an idea he had - bring 4 cheerios in his pocket and eat one each time he wants to lose his temper as a way to remind himself to calm down. This group always gives me great out of the box ideas - does anyone have other creative ideas to try?
20I’ve a 15 year old boy who got himself into a gifted @ MS. He’s been acknowledged by his teachers for being a bright, intelligent and high capable student. He struggled in 6th+7th, and did well in 8th. He’s now in 10th grade but he’s not attending most classes that he does not enjoy. He hates homework. I also know that he hides in school restrooms just to avoid certain classes. he asked to do online school but I can’t because I don’t know if he’d commit to it. He also wants one on one on one learning at a private school because he believes he’ll do well with a “qualified” teacher (his own words). He has an IEP recently, he meets with a SE teacher who’d teach him executive function skills and other skills that they think he needs.ops is there such a thing to ask if IEP would accommodate one on one recommendation. At this point, my 10th grade is failing because he’s not participating in classes. He’s also diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I don't know what to do?
21Our 18y.o. son lost his school bc a scandal at the school that happened at same time he got his diagnosis. What do you advise that, despite our best efforts, identity formation and self-confidence has taken a huge hit. His school culture changed abruptly due to a scandal at the same time he got his 2E diagnosis... long story but we have not found a good placement for him, in part bc of his all consuming grief over losing his school, which was his 2nd home. He was once very confident and felt he could achieve anything. Now his identity is shattered. He is in counseling and has access to many passions. Discovering passions is not an issue here. This is about identity formation, profound grief AND being profoundly gifted, an outlier among outliers and feeling like there is just `no place’ for him. Now, one day, he wants to start his own school... My question is how to support identity reformation.
My 12 y.o. can do any online learning. I can literally homeschool him online and he will do well. I am very close to switching to homeschooling with online school, possibly some classes in public school, supplementing with Science for hands-on labs (maybe in public school). Is it healthy to lean on online school so much simply because it will be so simple?
23If a visual-spatial learner has word retrieval problems and problems writing, would that likely be due to lack of executive functions, or should we search for other causes like sensory integration? Tests for dyslexia were negative.
24When a child (9, ASD) has many passions, many things she is good at, how to know which one to support her more on? when asked she says she can't really pick a "favourite". I need to identify a couple so the school knows what strength to work on as they are also very focused on deficits. she is creative, expressive, loves to move and imagine and bubbly, loves and is very good at astronomy, some maths, science, music, human anatomy, creating comic strips, swimming, drama…
25Follow up info about leaning on online school. My 12y.o. is a stem guy and spends time in online classes after finishing he's regular curriculum. e. g. chess lessons or I am asking him to take some classes online.
26Trying to find appropriate levels for homeschooling a dyslexic, HG+ teen with health issues, SPD and anxiety. Do I just let him find it himself via an unschooling approach?
27Most adults would say "let him fail, let him learn from failing". I for one do not believe in this common advice. What's your advice on this? we know we but dealing with lazy and delinquents kids. I also know that picking up the pieces from failing would be SO hard to fix later.


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  1. VALINDA on February 18, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    So beautiful Dr. Dan, thank you SO MUCH!
    (15 year old mortified about SST)
    We decided NOT to move forward with the SST.
    She’s a straight A student and the teachers are rolling their eyes at me b/c she’s in all AP/Honors Classes plus on the Advanced Dance Team.
    She is working with her therapist on tools to cope with her anxiety disorder and she feels confident she can handle it!
    We have decided to NOT move forward on more testing at this time either.
    Thank you so much, we all feel so much better, Valinda Cochella

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