Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, June 11, 2020 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development. Dr. Dan Peters is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Dr. Susan Baum is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.

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1My son (8) LOVES to be in charge. We have daily battles about just about anything. At a school meeting someone said that they see an insecure kid who creates a small world where he is in control, and that we have to try to help him out of that. Should we treat this as anxiety or a character trait?
2I am interested in delving deeper into the psychology and education of the highly gifted. I read lots of books, some for parents and others for professionals, but I want to get much more into it. I think I need a graduate level textbook or course may be helpful. Do you have any recommendations?
3My 15 year old highly gifted dyslexic son is trying to understand the complexities of being him. This week he asked me "Sometimes I feel 10 years old, but other times, 25. And a lot of the time I feel like parts of my brain are just running at completely different speeds. Will this get better as I get older, or are there always going to be these big internal age gaps and differences?"
4How to teach empathy with a B&Q child who feels like they know everything? Our 9 year old does as little work for school as possible. He has no desire to do 'his best' he just does what he thinks is needed to get by. Additionally, at home, especially now with quarantine, he thinks only of his own wants.
5My Bright and Quirky vast-brained kids, 12 and 9, need help learning and internalizing basic executive function skills. Since we’ve been home, they both have a great deal of difficulty organizing themselves to begin, persist with, and complete work. What are the best ways/resources for me to teach them executive function skills?
6My son is newly 7, assessed at 4 turning 5. I am wondering how or if we can tease apart the asynchronous nature of a gifted child from a gifted kiddo with a social emotional delay? Also wondering how these delays play out as the child ages? When do things come together?
7Many of my students’ parents take them to be tested to rule out possible dyslexia, dysgraphia along with the processing disorders. The results do not reveal any learning disabilities. Not considering the external factors, what is your thought in pursuing processing evaluation first, such as auditory processing doing the intervention, and then pursuing the full battery?
8How do you find a qualified neuropsych evaluation, and a provider familiar with 2e?
9I have a 2e 8 year old with an IQ of 136 with anxiety, social pragmatic and DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) with an IEP. If the teacher doesn't understand how to teach 2E and/or the internal services don't understand the student’s specific challenges, we have found the schooling systems don't work. How does one find a 2e trained teacher?
10My 10 year old ADHD daughter gets very upset at the start of creative writing projects. Factual writing is easier. She has a creative mind, thinks in an original way, has a great vocabulary, all that good stuff. How can I help her?
11My 12 year old 2e kiddo loves science and art, but struggles with all academics that are not verbal. He has recently been diagnosed with numerous issues (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc.). How does one motivate a kiddo who has experienced so many failures and where should we start?
12My Bright and Quirky 9 year old son was tested at the end of kindergarten. The report notes: superior to above average abilities in many areas across both verbal and visual domains, his visual-motor speed was average and his visual-motor integration skills were below average. Please explain what the school can do to keep him interested, stretch his abilities, while helping/supporting his challenges.
13Can you give me some ideas how to guide my 14 year old who tends to be a perfectionist and would for example rather leave a space blank in a test rather than write something? I have seen much potential and would love to help him take more risks.
14My 2e son is 7.5 years old with anxiety, SPD, and ADHD. When he gets triggered he’ll sometimes run around the house, very much out of control of his body, it’s difficult to calm him and get him to slow down so we can even attempt to help him regulate. Any tips on how to connect in those heightened moments?
15My 8 year old daughter is above grade level in reading, but when I give her a book to read, she seems to love the book and get excited to read it. She’ll maybe read a couple pages or a chapter or skip around and then get overwhelmed or disinterested and then never really pick it up again.
16My 10 year old has been stuck at home for 3 months. He's extremely dysregulated, sensory, emotional, exercise, sleep, etc. He is angry a lot of the time. We're out of ideas for how to help him and the dysregulation is feeding on itself. The more out of sorts he gets, the harder it is for him to do the things that will help him. Any advice or ideas for getting back to some semblance of healthy and balanced?
17I am trying to understand differences between hyperactive vs. psychomotor overexcitability in gifted, my 5 year old child was just found to be gifted, also hyperactive. How to interpret this?
18My son has an IEP with 8 goals (20 objectives) of which equate to an average of 4 hours per week out of class services. When are there too many services outside the class and not enough focus on the way a student is taught in the classroom?
19Verbal communication is difficult for our son, so often he resorts to unacceptable sounds (e.g., loud, long whines) or unacceptable actions (typically slapping in the arm or throwing something at someone). Any ideas would help.
20My nearly 13 year old son is unschooling himself. We were chatting about long-range education topics (like how to get to college without going to high school), and he mentioned that he'd really like to study a foreign language. However, my son cannot stand rote, repetitive learning. Any other ways?
21I am actually very interested in a dog for my son but have found it very difficult to find an organization that will help me train a dog to work on his skills. Do you have advice on this?

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