Anything 2e with the Experts

Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, November 14, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development.  Dr. Dan is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center.  Jacqui Byrne is the visionary behind FlexSchool, learning communities designed just for gifted and 2e students.

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1He often brings up the negative experience of school. Today he said the teacher from last year "hates me". Transitioning out of school from bad experience, should we homeschool. How do we help families navigate this whole transition?
2After getting a neuropsych evaluations, how do we roll out the results with our 10 year old son?
3My teen, loves learning, but finds the school environment too anxiety inducing to the point of not being able to go and at times even touch her books or bag at home. Also homework an issue, as home should not have school demands in it and value of homework is missing. What strategies do you suggest for helping her get back into school?
We have started unschooling, and I’m nervous! His anxiety is so high that is it difficult to for him to try new things and investigate new opportunities. What could help me right now is to find out how to assess a situation to find out if it might work? How to teach your child within the context of unschooling?
We have just pulled my HG 9 year old from a gen ed private school to homeschool. He has internalized all the trauma of being different and misunderstood, with gifts not valued and challenges overemphasized. We’ve been home a week now and I’m wondering how to support him in the change. He’s a perfectionist who hates himself, and thinks he’s stupid, despite us sharing his test results. He’s reluctant to try things that he would otherwise enjoy or engage in homeschool community bc he feels doomed to fail, but his brain is voracious and he needs stimulation.
6My son’s school has an explicit policy to address behavioral issues by ignoring unwanted behaviors and affirming positive ones. I always thought of that as a good thing, except that it doesn’t seem to work for my son. When I was listening to the interview with Dr. Greene and Dr. Delahooke, it struck me that this might not only be ineffective, but may also be damaging. I’m curious to hear your take on that, especially related to the B&Q population.
Is there a way to prevent your kid from getting to that danger point, if they are getting the exclusion or teasing, or bullying now, but they are “ok” at this point?

8We have been mostly deschooling for 2 years now but we haven’t made much progress in willingness to engage in non preferred activities like academics. How do we resolve the trauma of restraint and isolation he experienced in school so he can separate those experiences from the experience of learning?
9Trauma and Treatments for Trauma
10My 8-year-old regularly says that he doesn’t see the point of living, if this is all that life has to offer. Upon probing, he says that he feels like that often, without sounding in despair. I find this worrying but strange. Should I treat this as depression and act accordingly, or is it a common trait among deep thinking B&Q kids?
My 2e 9-year-old daughter is creative, smart, obsessed with animals, and really funny. She’s ADHD, combined type. She also has a stutter. Her wonderful new speech therapist at public school wants her to make a presentation to her class about the stutter. I feel a bit sick about it. I can see it would perhaps help the kids understand her a bit better, but I’m fearful it might go wrong and cause her a lot of additional anxiety. I’ve told them it’s up to my daughter. She’s undecided. Good idea or not?

12I have a 9-year-old son who is highly gifted and also has autism, ADHD, anxiety and dysgraphia. He is very resistant to trying new things and really doesn't like to talk to people he’s not extremely comfortable with. He's extremely intelligent, but to people who don’t know him well, he often gives the impression of being extremely unintelligent. How do I help him find his passion and find what he is really good at so he can shine?
13My Gifted son has strong emotional and sensory overexcitabilities. He also has Auditory Processing Disorder. He complains a lot about loud sounds making his heart jump. Like when a metal baseball bat wacks a ball, or a really loud guitar right beside him. I’m guessing this is related to being highly sensitive and Gifted, but we've had several therapists say this means he needs primitive reflex work. Opinion? Primitive reflex work just seems to be a buzzword right now with not a lot of science.
My science enthusiast has excellent verbal skills. We are already accommodating reading/writing issues with reading only short passages at a time, typing, voice to text, dictation, etc. I am still feeling a bit anxious when things happen like he wants to write CAT and can’t remember how to form the letter A (when writing by hand). My 2e son is 12 and I am wondering at what point is it worth doing any testing. What are the advantages to being tested?
15How do we support our son who used to be “all-in” with his education and passions but now, because of trauma, is completely shut-down and feels really bad because he can’t do what he was able to do before?
16WISC-V - are there certain profiles that map to certain disabilities or diagnoses? For example, my two girls scored highest in working memory and lowest in processing. I’ve been told this is unusual. What is processing speed?
17How do we find a psychiatrist who understands how to talk to 2E kids? Or, how do we educate our psychiatrist? My 16-year-old asked for a new doctor and then decided within ten seconds of meeting her that she was too stupid to speak to. She didn't say anything outright rude in front of the doctor but was highly resistant. Of course psychological professionals draw conclusions from this behavior, but I don't think it means the same thing with a 2E kid as it might with a neurotypical teenager.
18My 8-year-old daughter is home schooled. She is resistant to almost all social situations involving other kids, even just inviting a friend to play. She has had significant school trauma. I’m not worried about the time she spends alone, but I think she truly wants a few good friends. I would love suggestions for social thinking and engaging with other kids without it being overwhelming. She does want friends but the reality of it is difficult for her. Where should I start?
19My son is 14, entering HS next year, is 2e, public school tried for 7th, he shined, straight A’s, well liked by students and teachers, got leads in plays, yet pleaded not to go back, exhibited “nervous breakdown episodes” to parents at home on occasion, got lots of support at the public school. Diagnosed with PANDAS at 7 1/2, never been the same. Husband will only treat with homeopathy, will not support counseling, feel son needs support from other than us/parents at home who disagree on what is best for him! At a loss. I feel he needs a Waldorf type prep school, to highly creative and intelligent son, affordability is the issue.
20One of my major challenges is helping my 18 year old daughter to invest in herself by using the tools and knowledge to understand her challenges and to grow insight. I find myself becoming very frustrated sometimes and then of course the communication comes to an abrupt halt! How do I open that conversation and give her feedback or correction in a way that helps her to see herself without feeling that she is being criticized or judged ... a response that we often receive from her.
21I have a meeting with my 5th grade son and his teachers this afternoon for the 1st time. He has ADHD and Aspergers with a 504. 5th grade is the last grade for intermediate school here, so middle school next year. I’m looking for tips for helping him advocate for himself without undermining their goals to make him accountable for missing assignments. Class procedure is to complete a homework excuse slip that gets stapled to his planner for me to sign and he’s getting minimum of 1 weekly.
22Refusals: 1. Shower refusal 2. TSA security scanner refusal with gender identification.
23Wrap up

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