Ask Anything 2e with the Experts

Thursday, October 10, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

Join our world-renowned experts to ask anything about your 2e child, in terms of their social, emotional, academic or behavioral development.  Dr. Dan is the executive director and clinical neuropsychologist at the Summit Center. Debbie Reber is the founder of Tilt Parenting and the author of Differently Wired. Dr. Susan is the director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy and 2e educational expert.  

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1Debbie's Introductions
2 Can you summarize common 2e reasons for reading challenges. How do dyslexia and visual processing disorder compare? Are there other things that can be causing slow reading and sloppy handwriting?
3There’s a lot of talk about homework for kids. For kids that don't get homework, and are entering high school next year, what can we do to help them now, especially with Executive Function challenges? Any tips on what we can do?
4I am wondering how the lagging emotional control and social skills tend to play out as pre-teen hormones kick in (my son is almost 10). Do the 2e preteens catch up or continue to lag? What are their biggest challenges?
5I believe you homeschooled your son but he is now in a traditional high school. What was the most important thing you did to enable him to function in his new environment?
6My sons (3rd and 6th grade) both struggle with handwriting (penmanship and production of content). They can both verbally describe their knowledge very well. But school tests and State standardized tests require writing. As their advocate how do I find the right balance between improving their writing versus getting the school to administer tests in another way?
7My 5-yr old daughter struggles with change and expectations. She is melting down about 3-4 times a day over things that are seemingly silly to everyone. How can I help her?
8 My child is 9 yr ASD high functioning ADHD, with IEP and recommendation for distraction and slow processing and vision processing challenges. How do I look for future school and should I meet with principal to see what they do?
9I am a very confused mom. I went through some of the free sessions, my 9 years old son did an WISC V when he is around 6.5 The highest score was fluid reasoning 140 and the processing was only 103. The psychologist told me doesn’t look like he has learning difficulties, although he refuses to read, until I found out he has auditory and vision problem in 2017 and did a vision therapy then he started to read a bit. Did a second evaluation and the scores dropped from 1st to 2nd, does that mean he is just an average normal kid? 
Can anyone help me with figuring out exactly what is going on with my boy?
10My 8 year old son has tested really high in verbal areas and creativity. He is so amazing. He has average scores and often struggles in math. He has been placed in the gifted program at school, but it does seem to be math focused. It typically involves extra work and a STEM type special once a week. It seems like many of the kids in the program are high achieving, less so asynchronous in terms of their giftedness. I am concerned if this is really a good fit for him. He feels so deeply, is so eager to please, but quick to self-blame. Any thoughts on how to support him in the enrichment programs frequently offered at public schools?
11I am tired of seeing children punished, and it clearly does not help them with their struggle; the circumstances in which they are struggling do not change because you gave someone a detention. The child just gets punished and sent back, to fail again. How we can use the otherwise pointless complaints systems to ask for appropriate compassionate response instead of a punishment response?
12My son has ADHD (combined type) and is often impulsive and disruptive. He's "that" kid. He often comments on other kids who have the same "behaviors" and how incredibly annoying they are, but I wonder if he realizes that when he is describing these other kids, he is describing himself! What is a good way to enable this realization?
13Ok, my soft skills suck. What do you recommend so that the tact is learned with what verbiage is used? When we are feeling frustrated, how do you be tactful, and use good wording, and not getting someone upset?
14Any advice for parents teaching gifted and High Functioning ASD children and realizing the challenges for you as well? My daughter struggles with focus as I do. I am only noticing these things about myself now at 40 years old.
15My son struggles tremendously with writing. He can express himself verbally exceptionally well. He does not seem to have any obvious symptoms of dyslexia or dysgraphia. his writing is neat and he CAN write (in short spurts) when he "wants" to on topics of interest, but it's disorganized (in terms of fluidity of thought). He is being evaluated for an IEP. What tests might I suggest they do? What could be going on if not dyslexia or dysgraphia?
16How can we encourage our shut-down kids to talk? My son is in a new school, very progressive and compassionate, but still holds in a lot of hurt. It is hard for him to collaborate with his new school team, who are very compassionate and progressive, because he cannot talk about his past, and current challenges, or how he feels about them, in order to be part of the team that wants to help him plan his day.
17My daughter (12) is in a musical outside of school. The other kids in the play are 12 - 15. One of the older kids started picking on her, blaming her for everything (even things she didn’t do). It was contagious, and now most of the cast does this. And she is getting, understandably, more insecure. She reacts by saying either “sorry” or “I didn’t do that.” She said at one point they sat in a circle making up stories about her (that she didn’t do) and laughing. The play is almost over, but she might end up being in other plays with some of these kids. I would love any help for how to message, how to handle this to her, knowing she isn’t able to understand the social side of things as well. She really loves musical theater so I hate to have her just drop it.
18I found this year’s B&Q videos so perfect for our current struggles. Is there anything like this designed to speak directly to our kids?
19My 10 yr old daughter has begun having what she calls "daymares" These are basically little thoughts that pop into her head of scary moments or things that could happen that are scary, but really are not likely to ever, her power wheelchair turning on by itself and running over her. I'm wondering if this is common and how to best help her through this. She is extremely creative and imaginative.
I have a 2E son (severe dyslexia, mild ADHD, very high IQ) who has been at a dyslexic school for 3 years and is now looking to transition to a middle school where the sole focus is not dyslexia. What questions should we be asking schools to identify how they will nurture a 2E learner? Should we be looking for a school for gifted learners, or will those schools be overwhelming for a 2E learner with other differences?
21Any advice for a gifted high school senior who is contemplating college but has deer-in-the-headlights look when the topic is broached? He is 2e, 155IQ, highly advanced in math and programming but less so in language based skills, has EF challenges and dysgraphia. He was a Commended Scholar for the National Merit Scholarship competition and big name schools are pursuing him with scholarship opportunities, but we (and he) can't help but wonder if he would be better served by a year or two at our local community college to practice a transition to a college environment, and then make a bigger launch later?
22My son is having trouble with Climate Anxiety and is upset that the strategies we’ve been reading about don’t work because this is a real, looming threat in his world so rationalizing it away doesn’t work. Any thoughts?
23A child who has some lags of self regulation that comes out in unlucky ways the screaming, hitting, and kicking. Should she inforce consequences the things she has tried hasn’t worked. Would you go with the Ross Greene and Mona Delahook approach?
24Wrap up

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