Zen of Self: Calligraphy & Philosophy

Instructor: Mike Cantlon, MEd. Ages 12-18. Meets Mondays at 3:30pm PT for 60 minutes, ongoing. Included in Catalyst membership.

A Japanese KANJI "Zen".

Does your child grapple with the big existential questions of life? Do they have heaps of potential but feel stressed or stuck in these uncertain times? Through the art of Chinese calligraphy and philosophical conversation, acclaimed 2e instructor, Mike Cantlon, MEd, will create the space to practice mindfulness, introspection and connection.  Hundreds of 2e teens have been through Mike's gifted classes and experience the feeling of total acceptance, belonging and peace of mind that Mike forges with members who may be grappling with the big existential questions of life.

How to Join:

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Here's Mike's handout on Japanese paintbrush calligraphy basics.



Mike Cantlon, MEd

Mike Cantlon has dedicated his career to improving the learning environment of gifted and talented students and to helping people better understand the unique needs of highly capable children. He created a college campus residential summer camp for gifted students grades 6-12 called Satori. In Spokane Public Schools, Cantlon was instrumental in the identification of highly capable students, he taught in the Tessera Program, and was also the chair of a gifted education task force resulting in the Odyssey Program. He has been an adjunct instructor at Eastern Washington University and works collaboratively with the Gifted Education Center at Whitworth University.

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