Essential Strategies for Twice Exceptional Students


PART 4: Home & Hybrid Learning for 2e Kids, and Building Social Competence


Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP Handouts: Basic Feelings & Emotions Scale, The Dread Scale, Daily Feelings Journal


Social Competency Model ( - a 4-step developmental model to help students evolve in their social competencies:


Voki app - a collection of customizable speaking avatars for teachers and students that enhance classroom instruction, class engagement, and lesson comprehension:


Glogster app - allows students to create and share multimedia posters with access to a large resource library for learning:


Animoto app - allows students to create easy drag-and-drop videos:


Barbara Fredrickson, PhD - Broaden and Build Theory on positive and negative emotions:


Nancie Atwell - how to help students prepare for engaging reading workshops:


Catalyst - online enrichment program for ages 8-18:


PART 3: Engaging the Unmotivated 2e Student in Online and Offline Learning

Coding resources for kids: (for middle school students who identify as girls)


Susan Baum’s article on reversing underachievement in gifted students


Book Recommendations: - for educators to spark engaging inquiry-based classroom discussions: - The Motivation Breakthrough for how to help unmotivated learners


Coalition of Essential Schools Common Principles


Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Schools:


PART 2: Deep Dive: School Strategies for Bright Kids with ADHD, Autism and Learning Differences

Executive Function resources for teachers (including homeschool): is a live online clock. Teachers can use an extension called Web Paint to mark up with different colors for different tasks. limits advertisements shown on sites through a Chrome extension. Helpful for students who have attention issues and need less distractions when working online. is helpful for students using online content where comprehension prompts can be directly placed into the online document to minimize shifting attention. allows teachers to create a virtual classroom whiteboard on a Zoom background. Can include a clock, other classroom information. is a helpful app for students to collaborate on a virtual whiteboard is an app that students log into and a teacher can see what individual students are working on (only teacher can see)

‘Distraction Free Mode’ setting on Google docs is great for students who are easily distracted by  formatting, color, and font options. They can go back later to do these tasks.


PART 1: Must-Know Foundational Strategies to Support Bright & Quirky Kids

Identifying Strengths and Interests:


Resources for Gifted and 2e Children:


Word Processing Program for Writing with Learning Disabilities:


Professionals Specializing in 2e: (remote neuropsychological assessments)


List of Accommodations for 504 and Individualized Education Plans:

Classroom Accommodations for ADHD 

Classroom Accommodations for Executive Functioning Issues

Classroom Accommodations for Autism 

Classroom Accommodations for Anxiety

Classroom Accommodations for Auditory Processing Disorder

Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia

Classroom Accommodations for Dysgraphia

Classroom Accommodations for Dyscalculia

Classroom Accommodations for Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia

Classroom Accommodations for Slow Processing Speed

Classroom Accommodations for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Processing Issues

Classroom Accommodations for Visual Processing Issues

Tips for Teachers about Pathological Demand Avoidance

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