Private Parent Coaching

Feeling like you need some extra support? Our Bright & Quirky parent coaches are here for you! Whether you're working through the BQ Action Plan, you've hit a rough patch, or you just need a check in to feel supported and clear on next steps, our coaching team can help. Our coaches are both 2e experts AND parents of 2e kids!

Please note: This is a parent coaching session and not individual or family therapy. We do not diagnose, work with insurance, or coach children directly. All sessions take place online or on the phone in Pacific time zone.

Please click below to purchase your coaching session. We will then be in touch with our Coaching Prep Form and scheduling options. You will be asked if you have a preference for which coach to work with, after signing up.

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Meet the Coaches


Melanie Hayes, Ed.D.

Founder, Big Minds 

Dr. Melanie Hayes has made it her life’s work to help gifted and twice exceptional persons find their niche and work to their strengths. She is an expert in the needs of gifted/2e persons and works with a wide range of clients to help them thrive. Dr. Hayes created Big Minds, an educational model for 2e children that lets them learn without limits through mentoring and supporting their intellectual, social, and emotional well-being. She recently received SENG’s Educator of the Year award, and is a past winner of the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her work with 2e persons.

Book: We Tried Normal: 2e Family Stories



Lauren Hutchinson, MA, LMFT

2e Parent Coach 

Lauren Hutchinson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, parent of a twice-exceptional teen, and a counselor at a Seattle-area independent school for gifted children. She has been supporting families for more than ten years through the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic landscapes of twice-exceptionality. Lauren is passionate practitioner of a strengths-based ‘Self-Scientist’ approach to solving parenting challenges, and infuses coaching sessions with warmth, humor, and pragmaticism. Lauren has a Master’s Degree in Child, Couple, and Family Therapy from Antioch University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University. She considers her greatest educational experience as personally parenting a delightfully bright and quirky human being, and the lessons of steadfastness and humility that have accompanied that journey.


Robin McEvoy, PhD

Robin McEvoy never wanted to tell a parent that there was nothing else do be done about their child’s challenges. Parents would bring their kids in for evaluation because they were still struggling despite working with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a learning specialist or more than one of any of these specialists. They were doing “standard of care” thoroughly, but it was not enough. Instead of saying there is nothing else to be done, she decided to dig deeper. She dug into nutrition, sleep, medical conditions and myriad of complementary and alternative approaches to learning and behavior.

By developing a more thorough understanding of the integration of mind and body, she began to find other avenues that actually opened up new possibilities for children. She liked having options for families who had been told to just accept their child’s challenges and live with them. She had been told that about her own daughter who had a severe speech disability and sensory issues. As a developmental neuropsychologist, she became expert at mapping out paths through difficult presentations.

Dr. McEvoy has a PH.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston. She fellowed in Psychobiology/Neuropsychology at the University of Colorado Medical School. She holds a research faculty position at the University of Colorado. She is one of the co-authors of Child Decoded: Unlocking Complex Issues in Your Child’s Learning, Behavior or Attention. She also has a private practice where she can evaluate using the Child Decoded model. She works closely with families, pediatricians, and school districts to find a deeper understanding of complex children. She enjoys writing and blogs frequently for Child Decoded. She loves to talk and is a highly rated speaker.

Robin McEvoy lives in Denver, CO with three daughters, three cats, a puppy and a garden. She loves walking and writing and wandering through museums. She is trying to teach the girls to cook, but might have better luck with the cats.


Michelle Brownell

Michelle is a wife, mother, home educator, consultant, and speaker.

She has impacted hundreds of families in the Central Florida region. She currently serves as facilitator and speaker on the Books & Beyond homeschool conference team. She also serves as the director of Central Florida Home Educators used curriculum sale team. She is founder of a local support group for moms of preschoolers. Previously, she served on the board of a local homeschool co-op as both president and classroom teacher.

Michelle and her husband, Jaron, have been married 25 years. Together they parent and homeschool their two children who they adopted at birth. She began homeschooling when her first child was just 4 years old. As she provided a rich learning environment for them at home, she discovered both of her children were twice- exceptional, being both gifted and with learning challenges.

As a speaker and consultant Michelle shares from the heart of her own challenges raising strong willed and differently wired kids and how becoming resilient and an expert in her own children helps them thrive and learn. She is passionate about encouraging, empowering, and equipping parents to advocate for and connect with their children through their homeschool journey.

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