Masterclass with Dr. Dan Peters

Thursday, March 28, 2019 @ 10:30am Pacific Time


Join us for a Q&A with Dr. Dan Peters, 2e expert, clinical psychologist and executive director of the Summit Center. We’ll focus specifically on any questions related to modules 1-3 and then open up to general questions.


Click the triangles below to automagically find each specific question in the recording:

1Intro & Welcome with Dan - What makes up a good Neuropsychological Evaluation, Stealth Dyslexia
2Getting to the core of the 2e before tackling Anxiety and Medications
3Dyslexia & Executive Function Challenges and baby steps into Adulthood and College
4WISC 5 - Gifted and Processing Speed, Anxiety and Dysgraphia
5Processing Speeds and How to read the WISC scores with Standard Deviations?
6Empathy & Self Regulation, Technology Addiction
7Are innovation and imagination a gift? Has Apraxia and Dysgraphia.
8Impulse Control and then comes across as the "mean kid"?
9Diagnosed with ADHD but I think there is something more, is a Neuropsychological Evaluation my next step?
10Class selection becuase he thrives on Theoretical Discussion, High Level Thinking and wants to take Honors Classes but has Anxiety and Autism?
11Where do we go to get Vision Disorders Tested?
12Working Memory issues due we need to work with a Vision Developmental Optometrist and Audiologist?
13What are the results or diagnoses that require Neuropsychological Testing?
14We have been offered a general IQ test for our 7 year olds. Is it worth doing or should we travel out of Denmark for a psychological evaluation?
15What is your opinion of the Eaton Arrowsmith program for improving Processing Speed?
16On a low dose of Prozac, higher dose makes her angry, doesn't metabolize Prozac well...Anxiety, Sensory, Social Thinking Coach
17Dan's Summer Camp & Wrap Up

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