Masterclass and Q&A – Dr. Devon MacEachron

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 @ 10:00am Pacific Time

What could or should your child do with 2 months of free time this summer? Dr. Devon MacEachron, 2e clinical psychologist extraordinaire, walks us through some important questions to answer. Now is the perfect time to blow on the embers of your child’s budding interests and also embrace the opportunity for unstructured play that their brains so badly need. Join us!

Also, Dr. Devon is a whiz at fielding questions about neuropsych evals, school placements, and all things 2e, so if you have questions, send them in advance to:

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1Intro & Welcome to Dr. Devon
2So many of us think that unstructured time for play and creativity would be lovely over the summer but there’s a fear that the kids will just use that time for screens and video games. What are your thoughts?
3It may seem counter-intuitive to recommend NOT tutoring over the summer to shore up lagging skills. Can you give us your thoughts on this?
4Knowing the importance of strengths & interests - How can parents actually go about finding the camps and opportunities that might be a fit, specifically for bright and quirky kids?
5Dealing with the automatic "NO" - How do we melt the resistance?
6Summer Camps: I know there’s Summit Summer Camp, Satori, Johns Hopkins CTY. Any other big ones that should be on you radar?
7Dr. Devon's thoughts, and things that really resonate with parents
8If a child shows both a reading and writing impairment how do we tell if poor spelling in writing is written expression disorder or Dyslexia?
9When a child has a relative weakness in processing, as measured on the WISC-V, what kinds of challenges will that create for the child, and what are some interventions/accommodations, or resources that will better support the child's needs?
1016 son, his Strengths & Interests align sharply in computer science, tech, engineering, tried sports - but is not interested - how do we get balance?
11I live in Canada, and my son's school will fund a neuropsych; however there are very few of these specialists in Vancouver and none of whom specialize in 2e. The child development psychologist who diagnosed my son with ASD also can also test for learning disabilities and giftedness. Would this be enough? What would more testing provide?
12How young is too young for a neuro-psych eval for younger siblings of our 2e kids? I’ve heard repeatedly that waiting until full-time school and reports from teachers is the way to go, but at the same time, the earlier the better with intervention and support.
13What do you recommend for teens who are sliding into underachievement, who just stop caring and think it's busy work?
14Dr. Devon's Gap Year Story
15Kimberly's Aha's and Takeaways
16Dr. Devon's Daughter's Circuitous Path
17Beth's Aha's and Takeaways
18How do we help our kids cope with emotional side of having to go to school, where it doesn't feel like a fit?

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