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What you get: 

  • 3 live 90-minute sessions and Q&A with Barry Prizant, PhD
  • Over 4 hours of video & audio recordings and downloads
  • Professional, time-stamped transcripts for writing notes and re-visiting gems
  • Two popular, 2e autism-specific bonus talks

What people are saying:

"Just finished the talk with Barry Prizant – thank you! I wish more professionals were SCERTS certified. His vision aligns with the autistic community and provides real support tools."  - Jessica, 2019 Summit attendee

"I always love Dr. Barry Prizant’s interviews. His book uniquely human really helped me become a better speech therapist in working with students with Autism. Great tips to use with my students!"  - Victoria, 2019 Summit attendee

"This is so helpful and enlightening for me as I deal with SPD and an ADHD diagnosis for my 8 year old." - Alexandra, 2019 Summit attendee

30day guarantee