How to Help Bright Kids with Autism Cope During Challenging Times

Bonus Talk 1: Demystifying the Path of 2e Autism

Monica Osgood

Getting an autism diagnosis for a child can be an emotional and confusing process with lots of questions. How do I best support my child's individual differences? What should I tell them about their diagnosis? What are the most helpful interventions? Join Debbie and Monica Osgood for an enlightening conversation about key factors for developmental progress, including the importance of positive relationships and a "presume competence" mindset. Learn the difference between ABA and DIR (Developmental Individual Relationship-based) Model, and the role emotions, passions, and relationships play in DIR. Monica and Debbie also discuss the best way to assess for autism and where to seek diagnosis.


Bonus Talk 2: Putting the Right Supports in Place for Bright Kids with Autism

Dr. Barry Prizant addresses common myths about the experience of people with Autism, and sheds light on what children on the Spectrum are communicating through their behaviors. He shares specific strategies for both preventing and responding to difficult behaviors with confidence.

He helps parents cultivate a deeper, more connected relationship with their 2e child by answering questions like:

  • What is my child communicating through their behavior?
  • How can I help them anticipate overwhelm, and self-regulate?
  • What are the best strategies for creating a predictable environment within the reality of our fast paced life?
  • How do I address the social challenges my child faces?
  • How do we regulate video games and screen time?


Bonus Talk 3: Learning the Secret Language for Bright Kids' Emotional Health

Marc A. Brackett, PhD

There's a secret language hiding in plain sight that most of us were never taught; the language of emotions. Learn why Marc Brackett, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, believes we have a moral obligation to give our kids, and ourselves, permission to feel and name what's going on underneath the surface at an emotional level. Learn how to use the Mood Meter to open a whole new, healing dialogue in your family to lead to greater health, happiness, achievement and creativity. Marc's RULER program empowers kids' emotional intelligence and is used in over 2,300 schools all over the world.


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