Solutions for Smart but Struggling Students



This year you’ll notice we’re doing more ‘content snacks’, meaning shorter videos, rather than full-length interviews in the free event. While it’s a lot more work in the editing, we know you’re busy and want to start with the gems.

Week 1: How to Meet Your Child’s Unique Learning Needs

Airs from September 18 at 10am to September 19 at 10pm, Pacific Time
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Session 1: Jonathan Mooney: Should we Fix What’s Wrong or Scale What’s Right?
Running time: 15:26 minutes

Session 2: Susan Baum: What Does it Mean to Be Twice Exceptional?
Running time: 12:11 minutes

Session 3: Debbie Reber: When to Push, Scaffold, or Hang Back
Running time: 8:11 minutes

Session 4: Jacqui Byrne: Working with Your Child's School to Find Points of Flexibility
Running time: 12:41 minutes

Session 5: Susan Baum: Words of Wisdom on Meeting the Needs of Bright & Quirky Learners
Running time: 21:56 minutes

Session 6: Rick Olenchak: Looking Beyond ‘Drill and Kill’
Running time: 14:46 minutes

Session 7: Susan Baum: Bright vs. Gifted: Is There a Difference and Does it Matter?
Running time: 5:59 minutes

Session 8: Maria Kennedy: Strengths, Challenges and My Journey as My Son’s Advocate
Running time: 25:49 minutes 

Session 9: Melanie Hayes: When Kids are Way Ahead and Way Behind at the Same Time
Running time: 19:57 minutes

Session 10: Rachel McAnallen: Making Math Playful (aka Why I Hate Tests and Worksheets)  with Ms. Math
Running time: 48:42 minutes

Week 2: How to Help Bright Kids with Focus and Executive Function Lags

Airs from September 25 at 10am to September 26 at 10pm, Pacific TIme
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Session 1: Roberto Olivardia: Finding Breakthroughs with Bizarre Strategies
Running time: 24:27 minutes

Session 2: William Dodson: 5 Ways to Engage a Bright Child with ADHD
Running time: 23:38 minutes

Session 3: Jacqui Byrne: When the Party in Your Head is More Exciting
Running time: 18:02 minutes

Session  4: Susan Baum: One of the Greatest Myths of 2e
Running time: 16:06 minutes

Session 5: Seth Perler: Helping Kids who Feel Like Failures find Passion & Purpose
Running time: 22:33 minutes

Session 6: Jonathan Mooney: When Family & Friends Don’t Get It
Running time: 19:13 minutes

Session 7: Roberto Olivardia: How Shark Tank Saved my Child’s Self Esteem
Running time: 33:32 minutes

Session 8: William Dodson: Do More of What Works and Less of What Doesn’t
Running time: 22:56 minutes

Session 9: Sharon Saline: Executive Function Strategies in Plain English
Running time: 21:50 minutes

Session 10: Debbie Reber: Let’s Not Invest in the Things that Don’t Matter
Running time: 24:17 minutes

Week 3: How to Help Bright Kids with Learning Differences

Airs from October 2 at 10am to October 3 at 10pm, Pacific TIme
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Session 1: Dan Peters, Ph.D.: What You Need to Know about Dyslexia
Running time: 48:50 minutes

Session 2: Sara Renzulli, Ph.D.: My at Times Wonderful,  at Times Horrible 2e Journey
Running time: 27:19  minutes

Session 3: Sally Reis, Ph.D. (Sara’s mom): How Two Experts in Gifted Ed Navigated their Child's 2e Journey
Running time: 40:21 minutes

Session  4: Joe Renzulli, Ph.D. (Sara’s Dad): Focusing Solely on Remediation (aka Sit, Git and Spit) Has Not Worked
Running time: 23:58 minutes

Session 5 : Susan Baum, Ph.D.: Where Learning Breaks Down and What to Do
Running time: 7:37 minutes

Session 6: Jonathan Mooney: The New Model is Own it, Celebrate it, Advocate for It
Running time: 15:48  minutes

Session 7: Sara Renzulli, Ph.D.: The Big Bumps Really Helped Me
Running time: 13:50 minutes

Session 8: Susan Baum, Ph.D.: How to Help Kids Get Good at Things 
Running time: 12:07 minutes

Session 9: Joe Renzulli, Ph.D.: A Proven Path to Help 2e Kids Develop Expertise and Learn with Joy
Running time: 22:50 minutes

Session 10: Jacqui Byrne: Specific Accommodation Ideas for Bright & Quirky Kids
Running time: 15:41 minutes

Week 4: How to Help Bright Kids with ‘Disruptive Behavior’ or Emotional Challenges

Airs from October 9 at 10am to October 10 at 10pm, Pacific TIme
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Session 1: Ross Greene, Ph.D. & Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.: Instead of Focusing on Behaviors, Focus on the Things Causing the Behaviors
Running time: 56:21 minutes

Session 2: Daniel Zuker: How I Emerged from a Dark 2e Journey by Building my Toolbox
Running time: 28:45

Session 3: Maria Kennedy, M.Ed.: No-Nonsense Troubleshooting for Meltdowns
Running time: 12:09 minutes

Session 4: Dayna Abraham: You’re Not Failing and Your Child is Not Broken
Running time: 21:36 minutes

Session 5: Susan Baum, Ph.D.: Finding What Triggers the Meltdown and Fuels Engagement
Running time: 7:59 minutes

Session 6: Susannah Richards, Ph.D.: How to Ignite and Delight your 2e Child through Reading
Running time: 48:40 minutes

Session 7: Melanie Hayes, Ed.D.: What Happens When You Scrap Everything and Try a New Approach?
Running time: 30:41 minutes

Week 5: How to Help Kids Who Are Bored, Checked Out, or Under-Achieving at School

Airs from October 16 at 10am to October 17 at 10pm, Pacific Time
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Session 1: Jonathan Mooney: Maybe the Answer is to Ditch School
Running time: 15:56

Session 2: Robin Schader, Ph.D.: A Simple Indicator to Know if Your Child is Engaged
Running time: 25:14

Session 3: Sally Reis, Ph.D.: The #1 Thing to Reverse Under-Achievement
Running time: 6:03

Session 4: Susan Baum, Ph.D.: What to Do When Kids Need a Time Out from Learning
Running time: 7:50

Session 5: Nicole Tetreault,, Ph.D.: How Disengaged Kids Can Rewire Their Brains
Running time: 32:18

Session 6: Melanie Hayes, Ed.D.: When Kids Get Traumatized at School
Running time: 18:04

Session 7: Rick Olenchak, Ph.D.: Under-Paid, Time-Starved Teachers with no Training in 2e is Real
Running time: 11:26

Session 8: Seth Perler: Asynchronous Kids Need Their Own Timeline
Running time: 7:06

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