Summit 2019

SESSION 3: Devon MacEachron PhD | Neurodiversity & The Video That Got 23 Million Views

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

There's a reason Dr. Devon's recent video on Neurodiversity is going viral with over 23 million views. She offers a timely paradigm shift away from the deficit model and towards a universal acceptance and appreciation of neurodiversity as an evolutionary and societal advantage that is as critical to human existence as biodiversity. She unpacks the question so many of us ask - do we change our bright and quirky children to fit their environment, or do we change the environment to fit our child? Dr. Devon offers a poignant and fresh perspective that leaves parents feeling a sigh of relief, excited, and empowered to re-focus our efforts in ways that more closely reflect our individual family values, including what feels right for our 2e kids. The result is greater ease, fewer battles, and happier kids moving towards their greatest potential. If ever there was a talk to share with a friend or family member who you wish could understand your child a bit better, this is it! 

Deon MacEachronDevon MacEachron, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. She conducts psychoed and neuropsych assessments focused on uncovering the student’s complete profile of strengths and weaknesses as a learner in order to provide an action plan to families that simultaneously further develops strengths and interests while remediating and accommodating weaker skill areas. She is especially knowledgeable about twice-exceptional and gifted learners whose strengths often camouflage their weaknesses, resulting in unexpected performance below the student’s potential. She works with school-age students through young adults. She has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs on giftedness, twice-exceptionality, being wired differently, the strengths associated with learning disabilities, achievement, and success.