Summit 2019

SESSION 2: Laura Kastner PhD | Getting to Calm - Bright & Quirky Style

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

According to Dr. Laura Kastner, the best parenting style for our bright and quirky kids features an ingenious blend of challenge and support. Easier said than done! Learn from Dr. Kastner how to adapt your parenting style to fit your child, including how to calibrate support with gentle “nudges,” especially when we have started to habituate to some of our child’s less-than-desirable behaviors. Dr. Kastner talks about how to:

  • Use her C-A-L-M model to keep your cool and build a positive relationship with your child
  • Replace being “right” as a parent with being “effective”
  • Get more compliance from your 2e child by turning off the lectures and engaging them with the key skill of empathy

Laura KastnerDr. Kastner received her doctorate in Psychology from University of Virginia. Currently a clinical professor in the department of psychology and the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington, Dr. Kastner has also taught in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and the medical school. The topics of her academic publications include adolescent sexuality, chronic illness, eating disorders, adolescent development, behavioral pediatrics and medical education. Dr. Kastner is a frequent speaker at conferences, workshops and forums on adolescent development and family relationships. She is an author of five books written for parents on child development and parenting. In her clinical practice, she sees children, adolescents, couples and families.



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