Summit 2019

SESSION 1: Lisa Van Gemert | Perfectionism: How to Manage 'Never Good Enough' in Bright & Quirky Kids

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

Lisa Van Gemert shares her very personal journey battling perfectionism, and the keys she discovered to unlock the stranglehold her perfectionism had over her life and relationships. She explains critical strategies to help parents join with their perfectionist child, challenge their extreme beliefs and fears, and to empower them to have more rational and balanced self-talk. Lisa explains the dangers of learned helplessness and gives us language to talk to our kids about their fears, how they can get unstuck, and ultimately build the resilience that leads to a happier, more balanced life.

Lisa Van GemertUsing a combination of neuropsychology, pedagogy, experience, humor, technology and sheer fun, Lisa Van Gemert shares best practices in education with audiences around the world. She is an expert consult to television shows including Lifetime’s "Child Genius," and a writer of award-winning lesson plans, as well as numerous published articles on social psychology and pedagogy and the Legacy Award winning book, Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing Never Good Enough. A former teacher, school administrator, and Youth & Education Ambassador for Mensa, she shares resources for educators and parents on her website Lisa and her husband Steve are the parents of three sons and live in Arlington, Texas.



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