Summit 2019

SESSION 1: Michelle Garcia Winner SLP | The 'How' of Making and Keeping Friends

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

Dr. Garcia Winner dives into her Social Thinking system and how to apply it specifically to our 2e kids. She teaches us how to lovingly coach our kids to socially attend, interpret, problem solve, and respond and engage with peers and social groups. She tackles the complexity of tech use and managing our 2e kids’ digital lives with intention and balance. She teaches us how to encourage our child’s innate “inner coach” and support the development of a positive, solution oriented mindset. Her strategies for teaching our kids how to navigate and problem solve social challenges and then engage in meaningful ways is uplifting and hopeful, even for the most shy and introverted 2e kids.

Michelle Garcia WinnerMichelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP,is the founder and CEO of Social Thinking, an organization dedicated to teaching social competencies through clinical work, international trainings, award-winning publications and the development of unique treatment strategies. She is a creative therapist, renowned speaker, and prolific author known for her ability to break down and organize abstract social concepts and teach them in concrete ways. Michelle’s work guides professionals and family members around the world on improving social competencies in individuals for greater success in life—socially, academically, and vocationally.She was featured as the therapist in the 2016 Sundance Documentary, Life Animated, and was honored with a Congressional Recognition Award in 2008.



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