Summit 2019

SESSION 3: Mike Cantlon | How To Build a Place of Belonging for Bright & Quirky Kids

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Want to know the secret of creating a culture of acceptance and psychological safety for any size group of 2e persons? Take advice from Mike Cantlon who created the residential camp Satori for gifted kids that was founded over 35 years ago and still thrives every summer on a college campus in Washington State. Whether it's a classroom, interest group, or even your own family, learn from Mike what the most important ingredients are for creating a caring and accepting environment where members feel a deep sense of belonging, valued as unique and complex individuals. This is the basis for the culture we are creating in Bright & Quirky's own IdeaLab!

Mike CantlonMike Cantlon has dedicated his career to improving the learning environment of gifted and talented students and to helping people better understand the unique needs of highly capable children. He developed and implemented programs for gifted students in Washington State. He created a residential summer camp for gifted students grades 6-12 called Satori, hosted at Eastern Washington University. In Spokane Public Schools, Cantlon was instrumental in the identification of highly capable students. He has been an adjunct instructor at Eastern Washington University. He has presented at many institutes and symposiums for local colleges and school districts, as well as internationally, helping educators develop and better understand the importance of higher level questioning strategies when teaching gifted students.


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