Summit 2019

SESSION 4: Patty Wipfler | Tools for Calming Your 2e Child and Yourself

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

In her talk, Patty Wipfler offers her deeply rooted wisdom and expertise in how to build and repair a trusting and connected relationship with even our most challenging 2e children. From her explanation of connection from a physiological perspective, to her very loving, compassionate approach to empathy and understanding, Patty covers all the barriers to connection and how to overcome some of the biggest frustrations we face as parents. She discusses self-care in a refreshing lens that is both practical and undeniably effective. Patty’s approach is rooted in such positivity, understanding, and respect that it leaves us wishing we had her in our back pockets in all of our most red hot moments!

Patty WipflerPatty Wipfler is the author of Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges, and Founder of the nonprofit Hand in Hand Parenting. During her 40 years of work with parents and children Patty Wipfler has developed a revolutionary parenting approach based on a fresh understanding of the way relationships in the family affect children's behavior and ability to learn. Over 800,000 of her Listening to Children booklets have been sold in English, Spanish, and 10 other languages. The Hand in Hand team currently trains parent leaders in the US and 10 other countries, and offers parents accessible support for the vital work of parenting.



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