Summit 2019

SESSION 3: Seth Perler | The Sunday Night Overhaul - Executive Function in the Real World

Talk Description, Speaker Bio, and Resources

Seth Perler’s upbeat, solution oriented talk is packed with easy to implement strategies to help your struggling student overcome disorganization, incomplete and late work, resistance, and lack of motivation. He explains how to implement his signature program called the Sunday Night Overhaul, and how to tackle the resistance that we so commonly face when trying to help our 2e learners. He shows parents how to find the sweet spot of providing challenge just beyond their comfort zone, without pushing them over the edge. Seth Perler’s strategies have time and time again shifted the trajectory of kids on the path to failure, and re-aligned them with success, motivation, and confidence.

Seth PerlerSeth Perler is an Executive Function & 2e Coach in Boulder, CO, who helps make life easier for students who struggle with homework, motivation, underachievement, organization, grades, focus, study skills, time management, emotions, overwhelm & resistance. He empowers these complicated, misunderstood, outside-the-box, neurodiverse learners to turn it around in a baffling system, so they can launch a successful future. His blog gives parents and teachers game-changing answers in a sea of misguided educational fluff.


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