Bright & Quirky Child Summit

Help bright kids thrive, even with learning, social and/or emotional challenges


So many of our bright and quirky kids struggle with school engagement for a variety of reasons. They may not find the material engaging, they may have learning, attention, or self-regulation challenges, or the school may simply not be a fit. Hear from our esteemed panel how to meet your child where they're at and empower their engagement in learning.

Session 1: What to Do When Kids Resist, Refuse or Don't Like School

Ross W. Greene, PhD

Does your child have resistance or lack of engagement at school that has you and teachers stumped? Let's get better at calling on the real expert of your child's struggles - your child! Too often when a child is struggling, well-meaning adults try to help a child with theories and non-specific information when student struggles tend to be highly individualized. Learn from the master of collaborative problem solving, Dr. Ross Greene, how to efficiently gather information from your child about what's getting in their way of meeting expectations, including fantastic tips for handling the "I don't know" responses and non-talkers.

Session 2: A Powerful Model for Enrichment, Homeschooling or Unschooling

Susan Baum, PhD

Homeschooling can be a daunting task, especially after traditional school has failed to spark a 2e child's learning. How do we help our kids reengage with their inborn curiosity and desire to explore? With her vast, deep, and varied expertise and experience, Susan Baum explores these questions relative to our bright and quirky children. Listen as Dr. Susan takes an ABC approach to see if your child is in the right learning environment and how to spark their imagination through real world experiences. This talk is a must if you're considering enrichment, homeschooling or unschooling.

Session 3: When School Isn’t Working for 2e Kids: Options for Education

Deborah Reber, MA

Finding and accessing an appropriate education for ‘twice exceptional (2e)’ learners can be challenging. In this interview, the two Debbies talk about the challenges for bright and quirky kids in schools today, the importance of talking openly about our kids’ neurodivergence with potential schools, and how Debbie Reber and her son transitioned from a negative school fit to a positive homeschooling experience, and more. Are you looking for schools that meet the needs of neuro-divergent, 2E kids? Debbie R. shares an important resource.

Session 4: Demystifying the Path of 2e Autism

Monica Osgood

Getting an autism diagnosis for a child can be an emotional and confusing process with lots of questions. How do I best support my child's individual differences? What should I tell them about their diagnosis? What are the most helpful interventions? Join Debbie and Monica Osgood for an enlightening conversation about key factors for developmental progress, including the importance of positive relationships and a "presume competence" mindset. Learn the difference between ABA and DIR (Developmental Individual Relationship-based) Model, and the role emotions, passions, and relationships play in DIR. Monica and Debbie also discuss the best way to assess for autism and where to seek diagnosis.

Session 5: A Free Tool to Discover Your Child's Strengths & Interests

Girish Venkat

Are you worried that your child doesn't seem interested in anything aside from electronics? Do you have a hard time pinpointing their strengths amidst a system that seems focused solely on their areas of difficulty? In this talk, Girish Venkat sits down with Debbie to share his refreshing take and resources to identify and support your child's strengths and interests.

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  1. Abby on March 15, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    This is my first bright and quirky summit at a point where I am about to start homeschooling my son. I greatly appreciate these talks I feel very encouraged optimistic and hopeful. I know if will be a long and eventful journey but I’m going to embrace it knowing I am not alone. My son’s mental health and said esteem matter most. Thankyou for the summit!!

  2. Bruna on March 15, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Congratulations and a deep THANK YOU for all of you who organized the Summit and made it happen!

  3. Bonnie Scheele on March 15, 2020 at 2:43 pm

    I have learned more from this Summit than I have from any neuropsychologist, pediatrician, educator or counselor. I am grateful for all of the professionals who shared their knowledge and passion for these children.

  4. Ann on March 15, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    This is the first time I have particpated in the Bright and Quirky summit, I am so thankful to my collegue for sharing it with me. I am inspired, motivated and thankful to all of the speakers and organizers. Can’t wait to share all of this new info!

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